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Color for Health


Below is some valuable information pertaining to Color Healing and/or Color Therapy.
1-Color meanings, linked Chakras and sounds.
2-Favorite color(s) define personality characteristics.
3-Colors utilized to ease various medical problems.

1-Here are some meanings of various colors; including the Chakras they are related to and the sound that activates them:

Brown– is the color for Earth, repentance, solitude, honesty and straightforwardness. It is the color of the desert. Brown and red, being the densest in frequencies, are related to the Root Chakra.

Red- is the color of passion, emotion, vitality, and action. It is often associated with love. In China and Russia, it is considered the color for luck. Red also expresses life, courage, hope, magnanimity, and fortitude. It is the color of the leader and controller. Known to represent fire, it is linked to the Root or Base Chakra or the seat of Kundalini (or serpent) fire. The sound that activates this color and chakra is (O).

Orange- is the color for feeling, emotion, affection, intelligence, and sharing. It has the vitality of red and the intellect of yellow. It also depicts exuberance, inventiveness, liveliness, generosity, kindness and gregariousness. In Japan and China orange is the color for love. Orange is linked to the Abdominal or Belly Chakra, which is the center for unconscious emotion. The sound that activates this color and chakra is (EH).

Yellow- is the color for the mind and therefore the color of the thinker and philosopher. It is the color for cheerfulness, intelligence, spiritual progress, faith, consistency, glory, abundance, and prosperity. It is linked to the Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra, which is empowered by the sound (HARA).

Green- is for life, resurrection, abundance, love, joy, and healing. It depicts energy, growth, inexperience, fertility, hope and new life. Green is cooling, soothing, calming and is linked to the Heart Chakra. The sound that activates the chakra is (AH).

Blue- is the color of heaven, hope, piety, chastity, loyalty, and fidelity. It is the color for truth, devotion, calmness and sincerity. It is also the color for meditation and spiritual expansion. Blue relaxes the mind and controls the Throat Chakra, the creative expression center. The sound that activates the color and chakra is (HU).

Indigo- is the color for royalty, justice, temperance, psychic and creative work, majesty and spirituality. Indigo controls the psychic currents of the subtle bodies. It governs the chakra in the center of the forehead called the Third Eye. The sound that activates the color and chakra is
(I- pronounced EEE).

Violet- is the color of the saint. It depicts supportiveness, loyalty and loving devotion. Violet is an inspiring, healing and spiritual color. Violet is the ruler of the Crown Chakra. The sound that activates this color and chakra is (MMM).

White- is the presence of all colors. It signifies purity and goodness.

Black- is the absence of all color. Black crystals are best for protection against evil, fear, superstition and destruction.

2- Some people are ‘drawn’ to a specific color or two. They tend to surround themselves with this color often, either in their home environment, their workspace or with the clothes they choose to wear. These colors can represent certain characteristics of one’s personality, the ideals they hold or the symbolism they resonate with.

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