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Where Have I Been - The Essence

After College and a few starter jobs in Pennsylvania, my work originated in Los Angeles, California in 1975. My Daughter and I moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1980. I worked along the Gulf Coast with many clients and companies which include chiropractors, restaurants, vacation spots/resorts and retail endeavors. In doing so I discovered the special coastal living environment of the 'Emerald Coast', with it's wholistic environment and people that make up the special place that was, and is still now so inspiring in the LifeStyle and Spiritual Business categories. I traveled and I am still visiting with clientele in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, South Walton Beaches, Hwy30A and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. As changes with the business and my family needs grew, I moved north. I now reside and have an Art Studio / Mediation Business at Smith Lake in Crane Hill, Alabama. My Services are mostly performed Online, which allows great flexibility in coaching, production and a beautiful life along the Gulf Coast,  in addition to the new services and classes developing at the lakeside on Smith Lake.

I have been in the Creative Graphics business over 43 years as a graphic artist, independent agent, mentor, coach, director and inside employee of the printing, advertising and promotional industry for Tourism Business; and now looking toward the Wholistic Services Business. My concentrations have been in the Tourism Industry, Spa and Resorts, Promotional Garments Design and Social Media Services. I am also part of the creative team and developer of many client websites. I specialize in unique dimensional imagery and motivational photography. My experiences in these many areas has given me expertise and talents for the New Awakening of Spiritual Growth industries. I am working on expanding this side of the business within the next few years to blend with client and public needs.

Where Am I Now - The Being


The Essence of life in design and the quality of content are the keys to the success of business, services and of your products!

Image Whisperer was created in 2007 as an addition to my company LakeWater Design which owns an online 

LifeStyle Consulting Service. 

Several of my Experiences, Portfolios, Services and Online Social Media platforms can be found at

You also can find references at and I am a member and developer of tourism promotional materials and resort products with customers along the Gulf Coast. We work with clientele throughout the south providing consulting, graphic arts services, advertising materials, social media services, intuitive research, counseling in marketing public psychology and general company branding services. As an associate partner of members of ASI Promotions, added value is provided for client's promotional needs. The online presence in the Tourism Industry with Coastal Creative LifeStyle and Coastal Food Review adds value to those who may need the added touch of a professional creative team for their vacation clients. We also extend information to the public about Entertainment and Fine Living in Coastal Regions plus Internal Lakes. Our focus for now is to provide the highest of 'Vibrational Truism' for our clients to reach out with their quality wholistic products for betterment of their customer's lifestyle. 

Building a Better World one person at a time. B*

Where Am I Going - Enlighten Awakening

I have added a New Service to the program line of skills, talents and expertise which includes the Meditation, Life Coaching and Intuitive Cognitive business services. I do this to enhance all qualities of life, personal growth goals and business clarity with success. In addition to my own Gifts and Skills in the Metaphysical Arts, I also Partner with several certified motivational, wholistic and metaphysical professionals who will bring greater value to the consulting services for your life, your business and your personal self. This business is now expanding and growing into the site you see here, and also online at

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I am always looking for people to make suggestions or present ideas to me to work on that are maybe a little outside the proverbial box. Please always feel free to send me messages or request to chat about how I can help you with your great endeavors or how I can improve the programs to better serve you. 

Let it be known that in all the many adventures I have had; the universal spiritual talents, guides and gifts which are given to me by God and by open listening to the 'Knowing and Seeing' of others with their perspectives; have been the greatest influence in my art, my service to others and my personal life. I am Grateful for All that I have received, All that I have been able to share or service and

All that I will know in significance for the future.

Blessings to you all and 'Namaste' Thank You! Barbara*  @enlightenawaken

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