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Meditation for Everyone

Mindfulness Meditation can be for everyone and everywhere. It takes a few minutes to do, or can last many relaxing hours to accomplish an insight or projected goal. The Programs and Intuitive Life Coach Sessions give you options for customizing your meditative path, your spiritual awakening and lifestyle focus. Join us, I would love to help you on your way to significants! Namaste B* 

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How Meditation Can Help You

To Meditate there is no right or wrong or need to "Clear Your Mind" to get results. If you wish to clear for general peace and inspirational insights, make it so. If you wish other directives such as focusing your way to relaxation, obtaining affluence or attraction of your peaceful goals for a significant lifestyle, these can all be accomplished. The programs have many ways for you to place meditation into your daily life for an enriched healthy body, mind and spirit.

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Enjoy easy personal customized studies with daily practices and collective group classes which enrich your LifeStyle, EnLight Your Life with greater ‘Awakened Knowing’ and help you to 'Enjoy Your Life'. Go beyond your dreams with greater health, spirit and relaxation! Explore the many ways the programs work and help to build you for your conscious future.  Join Us Today! Namaste B*

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Join our FaceBook Monday Chats at 12:00 CDT every other week for discussions and theories on energy, color theories, meditation and holistic lifestyle.

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See the Videos from FaceBook Live and catch up with newly shared ideas. Barbara has performed informal chat hour for you.


Color Theories


Join us in the next few weeks as we go through the certification classes in Color Theory in relation to your health.

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Learn more about me and where I have been. Read the services and skills I have performed and how I arrived at my art.

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